Server Rules

The server rules. Breaking them may result in punishment.

Ban or mute timelines stack on top of each other. If you are banned or muted for malicious hacking and then banned or muted again, the new ban or mute will be the second offence for the appropriate category. All bans/mutes, regardless of category, are considered an offence. Mutes do not stack with bans, and bans do not stack with mutes.

This document's rules are subject to change at any time.

Any initial incident that results in a rule change will not be punished unless it is severe.

Minor Bug Abuse

1 day ban

Minor Bug Abuse refers to minor bugs. Minor bugs include pearling through gates/doors and Spawning boats/minecarts or putting blocks outside of islands.

Major Bug Abuse

5 day ban

Any greater bug that offers the player an edge over other players is considered a major bug. Bug abuse is the usage of a bug without reporting it to staff.

Malicious Hacks

28 day ban

Malicious hacks provide a PVP or other competitive advantage. Malicious Hacks include the following; KillAura, AntiKB, Bhop, Chat Client Spam, Any General Client, and a fig of other hacks that haven't been mentioned.

Non-Malicious Hacks

14 day ban

Non-Malicious Hacks are defined as hacks that provide little benefit but are still prohibited. Here are a few examples of non-malicious hacks; Derp, Headless, Ping Spoof, Scaffold, and numerous other hacks that have not been mentioned.

No Autoclicking

3 day ban

We have strict rules against autoclicking, this includes drag clicking as it can be mistaken for autoclicking easily.

Faking Hacks

7 day ban

Faking hacks is the same as regular hacking. Saying "I'm hacking" in chat or otherwise attempting to "prove" you are hacking will result in a ban, whether you were or were not.

No Inappropriate Skins, Names, or Builds

Permanent ban

Skins cannot bear offensive images (nudity, swastikas, etc). Anything that you are not permitted to say in chat cannot be used in a name. This includes IGNs, pet names, pwarp names, item names, and so on.

No Ban or Mute Evading

Permanent ban

The act of playing on the server while another of your accounts is banned is known as ban evasion. Mute evasion is prohibited through the use of signs, books or other methods. If an extended mute is unable to prevent the type of mute evasion used, a ban is imposed.

No Doxxing or DDoSing

Permanent ban

Any form of Doxxing or DDoSing we have a zero tolerance for and will be punished harshly for, doxxing and ddosing punishments are unappealable.

No Alt Abuse

Permanent ban

Each IP address can have up to five accounts. It can be one main and four alts, or one main, a sibling, and three alts, and so on. Having more than 5 accounts on your IP results in an IP ban. You must keep track of which accounts are using your IP address. Staff employees may give you the number of accounts on your IP, but not their identities. This doesn't imply you can have 5 accounts on at once and then another 5 the next time you log in; once you've logged in with 5 accounts, they're the only ones you can connect with.

Faking Evidence

30 day ban

Faking evidence by photoshopping or other ways is not permitted when reporting someone. If you are blatantly trying to get the individual pushed based on fabricated evidence, an admin may ban you at their discretion.

IRL Trading

Permanent ban

IRL trades are any transactions in which in-game products are exchanged for real-world currency or purchases.

No Harassment

1 day ban

This can result in either a ban or a mute depending on if its chat related or physical. TP-Trapping or murdering staff members while requesting assistance is prohibited and will result in a ban.

Chat Spam

1 day mute

Any repeated messages, copy pastas, special fonts, capitalization spam and gibberish in chat is considered spam.

Filter Bypass

1 day mute

Bypassing the filter to send messages that would be otherwise blocked is not allowed, this includes the use of ***** and other forms of censoring.


1 day mute

Falsely or truthfully accusing a person of hacking in public chat is prohibited, report it to staff instead using /report


1 day mute

Telling others to stop breaking rules when a moderator is online is prohibited and is best left to the moderation team to handle.

Banned Topics

1 day mute

Politics, religion, violence, drugs, alcohol or other vulgar topics, discrimination of any kind or dark and controversial topics are not allowed.

Server Advertising

1 day mute

Do not advertise other servers anywhere on the network.

Proxy Connection

Permanent ban

Any usage of VPN's or Proxy's will result in a permanent ban.